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Festive Closing Ceremony at The Pier

In conclusion of the Age-friendly Cities Conference, there will be a Festive Closing Ceremony at The Pier in Scheveningen on Wednesday October 4th. Here, elderly and professionals will be brought together to participate in various cultural activities, ranging from theatre to painting. There are many cultural activities in The Hague especially for the elderly. However, not many are aware of the existence and accessibility. With this event we will showcase a range of cultural initiatives that take place in The Hague on a daily basis, in order to stimulate own initiative and participation.


Karsten Klein (fotograaf: Roos Trommelen)
Gerben Hagenaars

Deputies of the cities

Esme Ward
Frédéric Lauscher
Karsten Klein (fotograaf: Roos Trommelen)
Gerben Hagenaars
Donna Corrado
Christiane Schubring
Paul McGarry
Victor Calise


Anne-Sophie Parent
Dr. Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer
Dorien Voskuil
Joris Slaets
Joris Wijsmuller
Laura Christ
Mary W. Craig
Nick Guldemond
P.W. (Paul) Doop MSc
Andy Bleaden
Christiaan Rademaker
Eva Rönnko
Eveline van de Putte
Hariëtte Mingoen
Lola Casal-Sanchez
Margo van Rheenen
Suzan van der Pas

Workshop directors

Roy Wesenhagen
Jan Booij
Helma Wigmans
Janneke van Reeuwijk
Joost van Vliet
Mark Singleton
Willeke van Staalduinen